History & Concept

Our story started in 2014 with a coffee machine, two baristas and a lot of courage. Five years later, Captain Bean became the biggest local coffee shop chain, with 8 locations in Cluj-Napoca. 

Captain Bean puts the world on the move every morning. We rely on diversity and innovation, so we have a wide range of coffee-based drinks to satisfy all tastes.

But sometimes coffee might not be just enough for you. That’s why we offer, besides coffee, many goodies like: cookies, croissants, vegan-friendly granola bars, fruits and nuts mixes, as well as soft drinks with or without caffeine, tea and bottled water.


Great quality & price

Our coffee is not just of high quality, but it comes at a very good price as well. Because before we were baristas, we were customers like you.

Best customer service

We praise those who wake up every morning helping the world to move forward. Time matters, so we always serve our coffee in a convenient and fast manner.

Care for community

We are conscious about the things that are happening around us. That’s why we try to help our local community as much as we can, as often as it’s possible.